Mobile Backhaul & IP Trunking


Cost-effective Backhaul and Expansion of Service Coverage for Mobile Operators and Telcos

Africa's mobile phone operators and telcos rely on cost-effective backhaul and trunking for the provision of premium carrier network broadband solutions and cost-effective expansion of service coverage.

The extension of cellular network coverage to accommodate higher traffic loads or to cover more geographical areas can be done quickly and economically with satellite, since satellite-enabled cell sites only require minimal additional infrastructure.

We can provide mobile network operators with satellite-based backhaul for a bandwidth-efficient and scalable mobile service, letting mobile network operators avoid costly deployment of terrestrial infrastructure in areas with few subscribers.

Our backhaul solution can be deployed in areas with low population density on a point-to-point, multipoint or mesh network configuration.

C-band offers the highest link availability and a higher Quality of Service (QoS) than Ku-band, promising maximum network reliability.