Digital TV & Video Distribution


Channel Contribution & Distribution for Broadcasters and Media

Africom by Thaicom can provide links for original, fully contributed and post-produced content of entertainment, news, and sports, allowing broadcasters to expand their markets and reach new audiences. Our contribution services ensure signals reach a particular uplink station or a multiplexing platform for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint digital transmissions.

The AFRICOM-1 satellite platform enables African broadcasters migrate from analogue to digital TV, letting broadcasters, cable operators and channel or pay TV operators expand the reach of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT).

Africom by Thaicom can draw from Thaicom's proven track record of providing DTT services in Asia, employing advanced technologies for the efficient use of bandwidth and the superior reception quality and reliability already there.

As DTT signals allow for a more efficient use of spectrum, broadcasters will be able to provide their customers with differentiated content at competitive prices.

To also enable smaller broadcaster's access to digital TV platforms, we can keep the overall costs of digital platform services low.