Community Broadband


Cost-effective and Reliable Voice & Data Connectivity for Rural Communities

We believe in equal opportunities. Africom by Thaicom can provide satellite-based Community Broadband services for rural and suburban areas that lack access to telecom infrastructure in a cost-effective way via Wi-Fi hotspot voice & data connectivity—with up to 3 km coverage radius.

Thaicom already has a successful track record of providing Community Broadband services via satellite in Asia, where together with our technology partners, we have provided cost-effective satellite communication services to a great number of rural communities in several countries, including Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. In Malaysia alone, a total of 2,400 villages are using 3G/HSDPA technology based Wi-Fi hotspot service.

Blind Spots can be served cost-effectively and rapidly;

Quick deployment;

Scalable (modular) network regarding speed and number of remote sites;

3G/HSDPA technology based service;

Highest link availability of 99.99% due to use of C-band.